About us

Witcheasy was a founded because of a lack of magical attire (by women).  We love magic, mystics, mother earth, nature, animals, bohemian carefree styles that look great and are comfortable.  We believe in no judgements.  Letting people live and let live.  We are not devil worshipers.  We try to keep things relatively clean and pg.  We drink wine, curse and still love God too.  Maybe we are a hot mess but guessing we aren't alone :) 

We try to pick the softest materials in as many colors and sizes as we can get.  We have a variety of different print vendors and boutique vendors.  Most t-shirts and sweatshirts are unisex styles for our men customers as well.  Our kids love the zodiac collections so while no child sizes the XS and S in adults fits the pre-teens well.

Small boutique in Kentucky that is online only right now and only shipping in USA.  The strong female archetype of the witch is what we like to embody.  Watch us grow and we will see how things change!